How does grading work in BIOB98 or BIOB99?

The course is offered strictly with a credit/no credit grading scheme. No letter or percentage grades are given. Your satisfactory completion of the course (for a “credit” grade) is assessed by your supervisor. In the paperwork you must hand in to enroll in the course, you and your supervisor must briefly describe how your supervisor will assess your work. This, then, forms the basis for your evaluation. Generally, you will be graded on the effort and quality of work you put in to the project you are working on. You will not be penalized if the experiment you participate in produces unexpected or undesired results (or poor quality data) PROVIDED that you executed your duties in collecting data correctly and with all due effort and diligence.

Note: Credit from a BIOB98 or BIOB99 course does not count towards the credit hours needed for completion of your degree program. For example, taking BIOB98 or BIOB99 does not provide any credit to satisfy the requirement that you must complete 1.0 credit hours of Biology Core Labs (or any other program component). It does, however, count towards the overall number of credit hours you must have to graduate (separate from the specific program requirements).

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