@StephenBHeard And all the references I can see on this page are the first author's own work. Seems totally legit. 🤣🤣🤣

@evornithology We have here a "Coffee addict"...clearly.

@SableSys Hmmm. Does not quite capture your accent!

Awesome stuff! Can confirm that a migratory ruby-throated hummingbird feels just a bit squishy in hand! twitter.com/AndrewIwaniuk/…

Amazing presentation by @giuliasrossi on engaging with the community - whatever community that might be for you @CSZ_Sask2023 @csz_scz in the CPB symposium. Retweeted by The Welch Lab

@MbvBaryonix @giuliasrossi @SableSys If you're another vampire bat, and especially if you share your food, yes! smithsonianmag.com/science-nature….

@Selasphorus1 But, it Dengue a lifer for you, too?

Come join our neighbors just down the hall! (Don't tell them, but we think they do some awesome work!) twitter.com/ArruCarval_lab…

Thrilled to announce that our chromosome scale #genome assembly of the ruby-throated #hummingbird is published! genome.cshlp.org/cgi/content/lo… Thanks to @timp0 @GershmanAriel and many others! @UtscBiology @UTSCresearch

Just preserved 🌳 For a peer review by Kenneth Welch forest.biologists.com/landscape/?id=…

@MikeRudolph20 @SableSysEurope @giuliasrossi Good question. Don't know the answer to that question!

@SableSys Her work has been a huge influence on our own. RIP.

@AlexanderRKlotz @giuliasrossi @SableSys Ah, makes more sense now. Yes, bat could definitely do it. No fixed wing aircraft problem there.

@foxy_femboi @giuliasrossi @SableSys ...and to understand how their unusual anatomy (those really long forelimbs) impacts that cost of locomotion (relative to comparable ground-based mammals).

@foxy_femboi @giuliasrossi @SableSys Unlike most bats, these guys are very good at moving around on the ground (they do this to approach and find their next meals). Our question is around trying to understand how energetically expensive this mode of locomotion is compared to flight....