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Cool new work by @naivo_17 and others! The energetics of social signaling during roost location in Spix's disc-winged bats | Journal of Experimental Biology | The Company of Biologists journals.biologists.com/jeb/article/22…

New paper led by @naivo_17, with @danjbecker, @Nancy_Bat, and @TheTorontoZoo! Inter- and intra-specific variation in hair cortisol concentrations of Neotropical bats academic.oup.com/conphys/articl…

We're thrilled to officially welcome @giuliasrossi to the Welch Lab as an @NSERC_CRSNG-funded postdoc! We are so lucky to have snagged such an outstanding researcher!

A fish out of water can make it smarter? Yes, it can according to a new study by #UTSC's @giuliasrossi. #UofT bit.ly/2Ub8dXV Retweeted by The Welch Lab

Canada: hummingbirds succeed in halting controversial pipeline construction theguardian.com/world/2021/apr… Retweeted by The Welch Lab

Government gives Air Canada bailout worth 677 Laurentian Universities #cdnpoli Retweeted by The Welch Lab

I am saddened & angry at how Ontario's most important uni in the North @LaurentianU was decimated today by mismanagement and lack of support from @fordnation @RossRomanoSSM. I stand in soldarity with students, staff & faculty. Feel free to use these images #LaurentianUniversity Retweeted by The Welch Lab

Esta usando medidas de comportamiento en tus estudios toxicológicos? Comparte tu investigación en nuestra sesión de #SETACLatAm “Behavioral ecotoxicology: where organism and population-level effects meet” Fecha limite 26 de mayo! @SETAC_chile @SETAC_world @studentsofSETAC Retweeted by The Welch Lab

Are you a Canadian, PR, or student/work visa holder & currently conducting zoology research in Canada? If so, then we want to hear from you! As a part of understanding & improving EDI within our society, we conducted a survey that will help inform us. Links below! Please RT 1/2 Retweeted by The Welch Lab

Great work by @SullyLyons in collab with @bioWelch and Kevin Tate. "Lipid Oxidation during Thermogenesis in High-Altitude Deer Mice (Peromyscus maniculatus)" doi.org/10.1152/ajpreg…, #teamdeermouse Retweeted by The Welch Lab

I’m taking a STEM teaching and inclusivity course. One of the things we talk about is eliminating barriers to accessibility. Recently, I’ve been reflecting about barriers to people like me (I stutter) who struggle with speaking and fluency. Retweeted by The Welch Lab

@GaryBurness Just presenting the data this way, or did they actual do their analyses using mass-specific MR?

@AlbrechtS_H We're here to help in any way we can. You (students, faculty) all do wonderful work, and we stand with you.

@MustelidDwyer Hummingbird. Soft and stretchy, like sweatpants!

Our lab is looking for a MSc or PhD student focused on the anatomy of sensory systems in birds. Several potential projects are available on pigeons, diurnal raptors, and extinct birds. See tinyurl.com/i2ojspyx for details and please retweet! Retweeted by The Welch Lab

Your allyship or membership can increase @CanBlackSci political power to quantify and remove racial barriers to 🇨🇦 research funding. @BLACKandSTEM 🇨🇦❓ Join us. surveymonkey.com/r/2L87LRQ An ally? Register to attend our @NRC_CNRC -hosted panel. eventbrite.ca/e/canadian-bla… #BHM twitter.com/CanBlackSci/st… Retweeted by The Welch Lab

I’m very grateful for having the opportunity to follow my dreams and become a scientist. This is not the reality for most girls and women. Cultural, economic, and political barriers still stop us from getting as far as we can. Retweeted by The Welch Lab