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Congrats to @WelchLab_UTSC PhD student Phil Oelbaum on his new pub from MSc at @UWaterloo! tagging @UTSCresearch @UtscBiology Variation in diet of frugivorous bats in fragments of Brazil’s Atlantic Forest associated with vegetation density academic.oup.com/jmammal/advanc…

Now THAT is a paper title! So much for copy editing link.springer.com/article/10.100…). Retweeted by The Welch Lab

@cosimaporteus @SJC_fishy Woah! Someone's having a great 2nd birthday!

. @dillon_chung reports on Erich Eberts and @WelchLab_UTSC recent @eLife paper showing that hummingbirds are able to reduce their metabolism to stock up on fuel to ensure that they can maximize their energy stores for migration journals.biologists.com/jeb/article/22… Retweeted by The Welch Lab

Thrilled that the great @dillon_chung and @J_Exp_Biol are featuring our recent work on the swiss-army-knife that is #torpor in #hummingbirds ! @UtscBiology @UTSCresearch Migrating hummingbirds put a new twist on torpor journals.biologists.com/jeb/article/22…

@giuliasrossi Well, that is most certainly a face that can be forgiven.

Thrilled to see our new paper in print! Thanks for inviting me in on this project @amphibiousfish 🐟 royalsocietypublishing.org/doi/10.1098/rs… twitter.com/RSocPublishing… Retweeted by The Welch Lab

Just one more reason we're thrilled to have @giuliasrossi as part of our team! twitter.com/JExpZoo_A/stat…

Neuroscience Tenure Track Assistant Professor search is happening in the Department of Biological Sciences, University of Toronto Scarborough. @UtscBiology Materials are due by January 31. More information: tinyurl.com/4ec68xcw Retweets are greatly appreciated! #academicjobs Retweeted by The Welch Lab

The many men who think they are feminists but can't detect subtle disrespect, gaslighting or implicit bias, may be doing just as much damage to women's progress in the workplace, esp. in academia, as the few who are outright misogynists. @500womensci Retweeted by The Welch Lab

@Ying_Xiong_Bio Yes, they can certainly put on the fat if they eat more energy in sugar than they expend. And they can use torpor to keep from using so much fat overnight (helping them fatten up day after day before flying south)!

Hummingbirds enter overnight hibernation-like state to save energy for long trip south, according to @UTSC researchers #UofT 🐦 uoft.me/7nM Retweeted by The Welch Lab

Check out this great animation (by the talented denizkaya.ca/about/) featuring our new @eLife paper. vimeo.com/446351256/f0d5… #hummingbird #torpor

Finally out! Great work by PhD candidate Erich Eberts! Energy-saving strategy helps hummingbirds fuel their long migrations elifesciences.org/for-the-press/…

@bat_biomes We're so sorry. Sending hugs and warm thoughts.