Natalia Sandoval Herrera

Dr. Natalia Sandoval Herrera

PhD student – Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Thesis title: Sublethal effects of organophosphate pesticides in bats from cells to behavior

M.Sc. (Universidad de Costa Rica, San Pedro Montes de Oca, San José, Costa Rica)
B.S. (Universidad de Costa Rica, San Pedro Montes de Oca, San José, Costa Rica)



Selected Publications


Sandoval-Herrera, N., Castillo, J. P., Ching, Ma. E. A., Herrera M., L. G., Faure, P. A. and Welch, K. (2023). Non-destructive methods to assess pesticide exposure in free-living bats. Science of The Total Environment 162011. Download
Sandoval-Herrera, N., Lara-Jacobo, L., Soto, J. S. V., Faure, P. A., Simmons, D. and Welch, K. (2022). Common insecticide affects spatial navigation in bats at environmentally-realistic doses.
English, S. G., Sandoval-Herrera, N. I., Bishop, C. A., Cartwright, M., Maisonneuve, F., Elliott, J. E. and Welch Jr., K. C. (2021). Neonicotinoid pesticides exert metabolic effects on avian pollinators. Scientific Reports 11, 2914. Download
Sandoval-Herrera, N. I., Mastromonaco, G. F., Becker, D. J., Simmons, N. B. and Welch, K. C. (2021). Inter- and intra-specific variation in hair cortisol concentrations of Neotropical bats. Conservation Physiology 9, coab053. Download
Sandoval-Herrera, N. I., Castillo, J. P., Herrera M., L. G. and Welch Jr., K. C. (2021). Micronucleus test reveals genotoxic effects in bats associated with agricultural activity. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 40, 202–207. Download
Sandoval-Herrera, N., Mena, F., Espinoza, M. and Romero, A. (2019). Neurotoxicity of organophosphate pesticides could reduce the ability of fish to escape predation under low doses of exposure. Sci Rep 9, 1–11. Download
Sandoval-Herrera, N. I., Vargas-Soto, J. S., Espinoza, M., Clarke, T. M., Fisk, A. T. and Wehrtmann, I. S. (2016). Mercury levels in muscle tissue of four common elasmobranch species from the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Central America. Regional Studies in Marine Science 3, 254–261. Download