Dr. Brandy Velten

Ph.D. – Cell & Systems Biology, 2016 Thesis title: “Comparative Identification and Characterization of Myosin Heavy Chain Isoforms in Avian Skeletal Muscle” E-mail: br.velten@gmail.com   Selected Publications

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Photo of Dr. Derrick Groom

Dr. Derrick Groom

PhD – Cell & Systems Biology – 2016 Thesis title: “Hummingbird Hovering Energetics and Flight Capacities Across Elevational Gradients.”   Ph.D. (University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada) B.S. (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada) Currently a postdoctoral researcher in the lab of Dr. Alex Gerson at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.   E-mail: dgroom@umass.edu   Selected Publications

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